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Positive Philter Podcast

Nov 18, 2019

Positive Philter Listeners! 

I need your help! Please leave a voicemail about what you are grateful for to be featured on the "Thanksgiving" episode of the podcast. There are three ways to participate:

1) Visit and leave a voicemail directly on the website. Coach Rice (featured before the intro did so already)

2) Call (571) 336-6560‬ and leave a voicemail on the Podcast Hotline

3) Meet up with me in person and record on the spot. If you are my friend you know how to reach me. 

These voicemails need to be submitted by November 25th, 2019 so I can compile them into one episode by Thanksgiving Day! 

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If you have a question for the podcast call 571-336-6560 or leave a question via this Google Form.
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