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Positive Philter Podcast

Aug 16, 2019

My wife, Maggie Wilkerson, is amazing! No doubt about it! Well over the years she has taught me many lessons. This episode is dedicated to her! 

  1. Talk things out. Silence never solves problems. 
  2. Tip bartenders 
  3. Hug and kiss when you leave the house and when you arrive home 
  4. Eat more meals at the kitchen table more than not 
  5. How to parallel park 
  6. How to cook 
  7. Don’t ask people how much money they make
  8. Don’t ask people how much things they buy cost 
  9. Introduce/Announce yourself at the start of a phone call 
  10. How to tell a good story. Don’t go straight to the punchline (delivery)
  11. Active listening. Save your follow-up questions in your head 
  12. How to evaluate relationships and value friends who may not always be around but “are your people”
  13. The value of first impressions. Dress better 
  14. That people need to earn your trust. It’s a privilege not a right 
  15. How to plan a trip 
  16. How to plan an event 
  17. How to properly host friends over 
  18. How to have fun on a budget 
  19. Evaluate if you really need to buy someone. Eliminate impulse purchases 
  20. The value of counseling and mental health 
  21. Drinking water 
  22. Recapping how your day was and sharing your highlights and lowlights 
  23. Respect for yourself and being assertive 
  24. How to dance to Latin music or at least fake it so you are having fun regardless 
  25. XYZPDQ 
  26. Always back snacks for the road 
  27. Having a schedule doesn’t make you uptight. It makes your life easier
  28. Let past hurt go 
  29. How to give positive feedback to kids
  30. Choose your words careful both in written and in speech 
  31. How you buy the stuff you really need vs what you want
  32. How to cry in front of others
  33. How to be a responsible man
  34. How to be a good father
  35. How to hopefully be a good husband
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