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Positive Philter Podcast

Nov 23, 2018

This holiday season I want to give thanks for all the good things in my life. I also wanted to get my family and friends involved too! I asked my family and friends to tell me what they are grateful to share with the world via this podcast. Check it out! You can always call the podcast at 571-336-6560. Leave a message for the Positive Philter!

Article about the benefits of Gratitude

Order of Appearance

  1. Aaron Whitehead 
  2. Bennett Wilkerson
  3. Hillard McMorris
  4. Albert Lawrence
  5. Samnang Man
  6. Ann Snee
  7. Megan and Mason Neforos
  8. Antonio Stewart
  9. Katie, Nick, and Jack Masson 
  10. Megan Mark 
  11. Philip Wilkerson Jr. (aka Daddy P) 
  12. Carol Wilkerson 
  13. Blake Morant
  14. Marcus Jackson
  15. Brandon Samuel
  16. Kevin Glover
  17. Carol Walker (Carolita) 
  18. Charlie Sabatino
  19. Jeff Kirsch
  20. Deanna Pruitt 
  21. Christie Michals
  22. Marc Peters
  23. Ryan and Charlotte Griffin
  24. Shea Skinner
  25. Chris McNeil
  26. Kevin Nmah 
  27. Rashad Harris
  28. Maggie Wilkerson 

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